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Introducing White Box VPN

You're probably wondering why we need another VPN provider service. There's a very specific problem that White Box VPN attempts to solve. In order to describe the problem, I'll need go into a bit of my background with VPNs.


When I first started using a VPN for my internet connectivity, I did it with a server that I configured myself on a cloud provider service. I'd often wish that I could manage my VPN server (or servers) in the same way that I managed my other servers running in the cloud - using a simple web application (e.g the AWS console or Azure Portal). I wanted to be able to create and delete the servers as I needed or wanted without having to set up the configuration every time on both the client and server. The result of those thoughts and questions is White Box VPN.

What's With The Name?

Unlike the major VPN providers today that make bold claims privacy all the while routing your traffic through a server hosted by them, White Box VPN allows you to create your own server in the cloud to connect through. In fact, once the server is created, you have full root SSH access to it. We don't login to your server to watch what you're doing or anything like that. But if you don't trust us, you can login to the server and see for yourself. Your server is an open, white box system.

Yeah, But...

Tech-savvy readers may ask how White Box VPN does any better job of enhancing privacy considering our underlying cloud infrastructure is still capable of watching a user's internet traffic. Our servers are hosted on the Akamai (formerly Linode) cloud hosting provider. It must be understood that White Box VPN doesn't claim to be a complete privacy solution. If you're interested end-to-end privacy and anonymity, an onion routing solution (like Tor) may be better for you. Simply put, White Box VPN aims to simplify the set up and configuration of a VPN server in an easy-to-use interface.

If you have already attempted to set up your own VPN server or are already running one or have wanted to run one yourself, White Box VPN is a great way to get started.

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